Sunday, 26 October 2008

I've just read the first chapter of Samhane by Daniel I Russell. You know, the opening was that good I almost deleted everything i had ever written off my hard-drive and hung up my pen and thought of getting a new hobby.

Then I had a drink of my tea, calmed down then hit myself with an egg whisk. A defeatist attitude like that will get me nowhere in life.
More than a few people suggested that I should rewrite the story in third person. At first I was reluctant to even think of undertaking such a momentous task.

Then I read it again and all the flaws just stuck out like a sore thumb. Flaws like, there's no hook at the beginning, the countless typos and first person just doesn't do the story justice.

Friday, 3 October 2008

See above.

Well done!

Well done to me for starting my first blog by sounding like a whiny teenager. A rewind is in order I think.


I'm Ian. I live in Bradford, England and I'm 39,  married and have a mortgage.

there, now we know each other.