Monday, 24 January 2011

I wrote 'The end' on my latest experiment tonight. I wanted to try writing something a little different Egged on by my daughter by asking if I could write a story that wasn't so gross, I decided to have a go with this paranormal romance that seems to be rather popular at the moment. (Don't kill me, like I said it's just an experiment)
Oddly enough, I did rather enjoy writing them and I did get four shorts out in less than two weeks, that surprised me!
Well, now to the job of typing the words up... What fun. :(

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Third Sight

Third Sight is now out there, fending for itself, My baby has left the bosom. This novel was the first one I ever finished, I was incredibly proud of myself when I finally typed ‘The end’

Now all this typing the end business was a few years back, as far as I was concerned back then, that was it, I’d done. (Cringe, cringe, the mindset of a novice writer) and onto the next story with great enthusiasm. (That was shades of Green, I think)

Fast forward a year and I dug it out and re-read it. Oh Lordy, lord! What a mess. What a rubbish beginning, the ending was just as bad. Typos rules the doc, so did poor grammar. What do you mean indent the paragraphs? Punctuation within enclosed speech marks? You’re having a laugh, I’ve never heard of such a silly notion. Etc.

Fast forward another year and after another spell in the virtual drawer, it gets dug out again, and re-written. So, is it any better now compared to the first attempt? Yes, defiantly. No typos or poor grammar? Er, there maybe a couple that have slipped through the net. Still, it is a cracking story, fast paced with scenes of humour and gore and a mustard yellow cardigan with bright pink buttons.

So, what’s next? To capture an old Monty Python quote – And now for something completely different.

My daughter asked me to write some stories that weren’t so gross, something to appeal to her age (14) Now I’ve read some of the stuff she likes and my first reaction was – ugh, no way, weird emo vampires and other such nonsense. But, in the end, I relented.

Coming very soon – A collection of short stories called Fallen Snow, Spooky tales with ghosts and werewolves and teenagers…and other such nonsense.